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Hi from the Children’s Bible Society!

Our goal is to connect you with valuable resources. 

From one Sunday school teacher to another, I know that good resources can be hard to find. There are actually many amazing resources available . . . but you have to find them first. That’s why I wanted to create a page where existing resources could be freely shared. On this page you’ll find lots of free resources created by other teachers. Do you have any resources you’d like to share with others? I’d love to help you do that on this page. Meanwhile, please take advantage of the resources shared with you by others.

– Heidi, creator of Children’s Bible Society.

Teacher Tips

Tips from teachers for teachers

Teacher Tips is a video series for all those who teach the Bible- whether you’re a parents or a Sunday school teacher. Each video briefly shares a tip that will aid you and present you with interesting ideas. Teacher Tips isn’t necessarily what you should do but what you could do. You can watch Teacher Tips on the Children’s Bible Society Facebook or YouTube channel.

Teacher’s Trading Post

All resources below are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

10 Ways to Teach a Bible Verse

Are you looking for a way to make Scripture memory more effective? Here are 10 ways!

10 Commandments Verse Shapes

A great tool for teaching the Ten Commandments. Each word of each commandment is printed on a separate tablet. Perfect for fill-in-the-blank memory practice.

Banana Banana Snake Review Game

Have fun choosing your monkeys but be careful-a snake will make you lose all your points! Click for game printables and instructions.

Froggie Hop Review Game

A fun way to review your Bible lesson! Hop from lily pad to lily pad to earn points. Click for game printables and instructions.

Strike Review Game

Strike! The exciting bowling review game. Click for game printables and instructions.

Trophy Review Game

An exciting game for your review time. Simple, yet engaging. Click for game printables and instructions.

ZONK Review Game

A loved, classic review game. Choose as many circles as you want, but don’t hit a ZONK or you lose all your points! Click for game printables and instructions.

Editable Class Schedule

Are you looking for a way to keep your class on track? Try using this schedule. It’s 100% editable so you can adjust it to your class’s needs. 

Class Rules

Are you looking for help with classroom management? Here are 4 simple rules on a fun, colorful poster you can print for your classroom.

Fun Faces Reward Board

The perfect tool for classroom management . . . It’s lots of fun too!

Don't Be Late for Church Review Game

A board-game style review game. Click for game printables and instructions.

Gone Fishing Review Game

Reel them in with this fishing review game. Click for game printables and instructions. 

The Law Visual Illustration

Here’s an effective, interactive way to help your students understand the Law. Click to download. 

Share your resources.

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Hymn PowerPoints and Recordings

All hymns used are in the public domain and require no license. PowerPoints are not for commercial use.

The Children’s Letter

The Children’s Letter is a monthly letter for kids packed with stories, a hymn history, prayer requests, Bible memory, activities, and more! Best of all, the Children’s Letter is free. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, the Children’s Letter is a perfect resource for your kids. Sign up below.

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