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Hi from the Children’s Bible Society!

Our goal is to connect you with valuable resources. 

From one Sunday school teacher to another, I know that good resources can be hard to find. There are actually many amazing resources available . . . but you have to find them first. That’s why I wanted to create a page where existing resources could be freely shared. On this page you’ll find lots of free resources created by other teachers. Do you have any resources you’d like to share with others? I’d love to help you do that on this page. Meanwhile, please take advantage of the resources shared with you by others.

– Heidi, creator of Children’s Bible Society.

Teacher Tips

Tips from teachers for teachers

Teacher Tips is a video series for all those who teach the Bible- whether you’re a parents or a Sunday school teacher. Each video briefly shares a tip that will aid you and present you with interesting ideas. Teacher Tips isn’t necessarily what you should do but what you could do. You can watch Teacher Tips on the Children’s Bible Society Facebook or YouTube channel.

Teacher Resources

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Teacher's Trading Post

The best place to find and share free resources developed by other Sunday school and Bible teachers. Start downloading today!

Bible Lessons

On the lookout for more doctrine and Bible-based lessons to use in your church or home? Find Bible lessons for free here.

Other Resources

It’s easy to find free coloring sheets, visuals, and more . . . but only if you know where to look. Find links to many free resources on this page.

The Children's Letter

Perfect for your home or classroom, the Children’s Letter is filled with stories, activities, Bible memory, Scripture readings, and so much more. The best part is it’s completely free! Sign up via mail or email.

Kids With Questions

Have you ever had questions about God or the Bible? You’ll definitely want to watch this video series that answers your questions from the Bible. Don’t forget to download the free worksheet to complete while you watch!

Truth for Toddlers

If you teach nursery or a toddler’s group, Truth for Toddlers is for you! Truth for Toddlers teaches Scripture memory and Bible truth while reinforcing counting, shapes, letters, and colors too! Discover worksheets and videos here. 

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