Bible Studies

Our Bible studies are designed with a 5-step method of Bible study that children can learn and reproduce in their own personal study.

  • In Step 1, we ASK God’s Holy Spirit to open our eyes to truth.
  • In Step 2, we READ the passage.
  • Step 3 is UNDERSTAND the historical and geographic context and define the meanings of words.
  • In Step 4, we COMPARE Scripture with Scripture as the Bible is the very best commentary on itself.
  • Finally, in Step 5, we APPLY the truth of the passage to our personal lives.

The Bible studies are topical, covering topics and characters from all throughout the Bible. The studies are recommended for children in Grades 3-8, although any strong reader who knows how to use the dictionary should be able to complete a study with help. Parental guidance is recommended as children may need help or have questions. See our Bible Study Helps List for resources used in our Bible Studies and for other recommended Bible study resources. 

The Bible Studies can be used in many different settings including:

  • Personal study
  • Family devotions
  • Sunday school
  • Bible study
  • Homeschool Bible class

Our Bible studies are digital products with a PDF download. You can purchase our larger studies in their entirety or one lesson at a time. Each study has verse posters corresponding with its theme verses available as a free download. Click below to preview and purchase our current Bible studies. 


Have you finished a CBS Bible Study?

Once you’ve finished a Bible Study, let us know below so we can send you a certificate and sticker. Make sure you have an adult’s permission and help filling out the form. 

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