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In 2020 I had a thought- could children learn how to study the Bible? I sat down and designed the logo of what would become the Children's Bible Society. Then I started writing the first Bible study. I wondered if I could create a Bible study that could teach kids a method of Bible study. Several months later God led me to the misison field for a year. While serving in northern Ontario, I had the opportunity to travel to many different churches. I started to notice a pattern: many churches had workers who were willing to teach in a children's ministry, but they lacked knowledge and resources. I began to pray about how these needs could be met.
In 2022 I officially launched the Children's Bible Society with the assistance of many friends and mentors that God brought into my path. Together we create a network of experience and resources that we want to share with you. As the Children's Bible Society grows and expands, we hope it will be able to share resources and Bibles to children, families, and churches around the world. It's my prayer that the Children's Bible Society will be a blessing to you, your family, and your church.
- Heidi, Creator of the Children's Bible Society
What People Say
Timothy knew the Scriptures from a child. This prepared him for great usefulness in God's service. The Bible studies from Children's Bible Society are based on the premise that God's Holy Spirit wants to teach our children and gird them up from a child to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. As a homeschool mom of 15 years, I see this curriculum as meeting a need for sober-minded Bible materials for family devotions, Sunday school, personal study, or homeschool curriculum.
Rebecca L., pastor's wife and mother of 9

As a former elementary school teacher, and now as a pastor’s wife and mother, the Children’s Bible Society provides practical and doctrinally sound resources that I use in my home and in our church’s children’s programs. Children need to understand God’s Word for themselves and the Children’s Bible Society offers the tools for them to do just that!

Rebecca M., pastor's wife and mother of 2

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